SwiftCarbon is a new kind of bicycle company born from a genuine love and passion for cycling, and to make the best bikes in the world, each model at an optimum price.

SwiftCarbon is a clean-sheet company, structured around what we believe is the most effective way to produce high performance carbon fibre bicycles. We are the choice of the discerning buyer making a well-informed purchase – not one who is led by gimmick marketing and bogus technology.

We’re not just in the business of selling bikes. We aim to support and enhance a complete lifestyle around cycling, promoting a healthy passion for the simple joy of riding and racing a bicycle.

Mark Blewett - the man behind the brand

Founding partner of SwiftCarbon is ex-professional cyclist Mark Blewett. He captained South Africa in the team’s campaign abroad and pioneered South African cycling in Europe as one of the first riders to be hired as a professional, in France and Portugal. Through all of this came a strong understanding of what makes a great racing bike. Another string in Mark’s bow is his industrial design background. It’s this combination of experiences that sparked the idea of SwiftCarbon.

What gives us the advantage

Today, cycling is a global business. Technology allows us to consult whomever we need to and tap into the best design, engineering and manufacturing talent around the globe.

Also important to the business concept of SwiftCarbon is the location of our headquarters. We’ve chosen to base ourselves in Asia, the world-centre of carbon fibre production. Ninety-six per cent of all carbon fibre bikes are made in one of three regions in the East – with unparalleled expertise, efficiency and production scale.

While others keep their manufacturing partners under a cloak of secrecy and half the planet away, we choose to stay close to them so we can respond instantly to the needs of our customers. CEO Mark Blewett lives and works within 30 minutes of our production facilities, enabling him to keep close watch on production and all-important quality control.

Fast facts

8 years in business
31 countries sell SwiftCarbon bicycles
17 bikes in the range
15 employees
50% global growth year-on-year since 2008
29 professional victories on the 2014 international racing calendar
SwiftCarbon frames are approved by the UCI
Limited lifetime warranty offered on all frames

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